MegaLoop ML200 Active Loop 9kHz - 200 MHz

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The MegaLoop ML200 is an active loop amplifier for the range from 9 KHz – 200MHz.
Active loop antennas make predominantly use of the magnetic field component. As a result they are very useful when reception is difficult because of electric interferences nearby or when using them as an indoor antenna.
In contrast to rigid pipe constructions, the antenna can easily be transported which makes its portable use very convenient. The mounting of the loop is done by two stainless steel nuts with M5 thread. This kind of fastening allows for the fastening of other loop forms as well. There is also the possibility of switching the amplification (Low/High Gain), so it can be adjusted to the size of the loop. On shortwave around 7 MHz the antenna has an excellent IP 3 of typically +45dBm and an IP2 of >+85dBm with a voltage of 5-15V (max. 40mA) .
Integrated double overvoltage protection of the active antenna part. Coarse protection by a gas discharge tube with 60V firing voltage, max. pulse leakage current 1kA (8/20µs) as well as an additional integrated ESD protection up to 2kV.

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Whats in the box?

◾MegaLoop ML200

◾Junction box CPI1000DP


◾Loop wire

Made in Germany

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