WAVECOM W-CODE software solution only - uses the sound-card of your PC

Product no.: W03 Notify when available

W-CODE prices subject to change without notice. Please email RFQ..

- Decoder application for Windows© 10, 8, 7,  Server 2008
- Service releases and bug fixes until next release

W-Package HF:- GW-OFDM, Robust-Packet, LINK-11, PACTOR-II, PACTOR-III, CODAN-9001, CLOVER-2, CLOVER-2000 included
W-Package SAT:- SAT-Aero, SAT-B, SAT-B-HSD, SAT-C, SAT-M, SAT-mM included
W-Package VHF/UHF- TETRA, AIS, BIIS, APCO-25, dPMR, DMR, VDL-M2, X.25, MOBITEX-1200, MOBITEX-8000 included
W-Package FAX-G3 and Modem's- FAX-G3 V.17 to V.34hdx full auto mode, Modems V.26 to V.92 full auto mode included
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